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Our Story

 Behind the Name 

Created by our founders wife, Denise, Kumbe comes from the Kiswahili word used as an interjection of disbelief and excitement, more specifically "wow" and wow is right! Over the years, founder Exaudh, has brought coffee back to the U.S. for personal use, then  friends and family asked for some too. Their reaction to the coffee was WOW! This is where the idea for a business began. 

A chance not only to bring quality coffee to friends and family in the States but to also help the coffee farmers back in his home village. A full circle business aiming to give small farmers a market to sell their coffee and give our customers amazing coffee!


Meet Our Founder

Exaudh was born on Mt. Meru in Arusha, Tanzania, where he grew up helping his family with many different things but the main one being, coffee farming. As he got older, he laster moved to America after marring his wife, and wanted to start a business to help small local farmers and his community back home by creating more economic and financial opportunities. 

With the help of his family, Kumbe Coffee is able to be where it is today and they are proud and excited to be able to bring quality coffee to you!


Kumbe Coffee has partnered with the Ndoombo Meru Co-op to support small farmers in different villages across Arusha. Over 90% of the coffee grown in Tanzania is used only for export purposes. To a small coffee grower coffee is only good when they are able to find a market to sell it. This is because you can't use coffee directly for food, but you can sell it and use the money to buy other necessities. Helping these farmers find a market that works for them is the most important part of the struggle to sustain their livelihood. So we are here to help those coffee growers get access to those markets and get the best competitive prices for their crops. 

The Harvesting Process 

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