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We'll let the coffee speak for itself...

Hear it straight from our customers!


"I was one of those supremely stubborn people that was sure I had the best tasting coffee, and no one could convince me otherwise. I was stuck on my last brand of coffee for years, that was until I tried Kumbe Coffee. Even coffee I would get freshly roasted on an ocean dock in Mexico doesn't compare in taste to Kumbe. It has the best rounded out flavor you can find in a coffee - it's never bitter, luxurious tasting, and good whatever way you decide to drink it. I have a new favorite coffee, and this time I'm absolutely sure it's the best." 



"And it is tasty! That coffee has been getting me through workdays for awhile now."


I consider myself to be somewhat of a coffee aficionado...I enjoy the bean in a latte form, and I think that the medium roast sold here is hands down the best coffee money can buy! This is a unique flavor that you don't get with other East African distributors! I rarely buy coffee anywhere's that good! Treat yourself!


"This is one of the richest, boldest, most flavorful coffees I've tasted. It's a pleasure to drink. Highly recommended."


"This Tanzanian-sourced coffee is amazing. It's very flavorful, and grown by small farmers that wouldn't have access to foreign markets. I have tried both the medium roast and the dark roast. Both are great. They are even good blended together. The oil on the beans makes them shine. It does not leave a bitter flavor when brewed. Honestly, I can no longer tolerate grocery store coffee, because Tanzanian coffee is so superior. I have even given it to family members as gifts. Everyone loves it."

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