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It's Always Coffee Time 

Karibu! Welcome to Kumbe Coffee

Who are we? 

Kumbe Coffee is a small family business based in Wisconsin. We aim not only to give you quality coffee; but to help raise income one family at a time, improve social conditions, protect water, soil and the forests in our founders hometown. Kumbe coffee creates a win-win situation for both the small farmer selling coffee and the buyer, you, looking for quality coffee in the market. 

Where our coffee is from.

Grown on the slopes of Mt. Meru, in Arusha, Tanzania. We have partnered with the Ndoombo Meru Co-op to buy coffee from small farmers from different villages and give them a market to sell their coffee for the best price. 

The coffee is then shipped and roasted locally in small batches to ensure the best quality possible. 

Taste the Difference
"I was one of those extremely stubborn people that was sure I had the best tasting coffee, and no one could convince me otherwise. I was stuck on my last brand of coffee for years, that was until I tried Kumbe Coffee. Even coffee I would get freshly roasted on an ocean dock in Mexico doesn't compare in taste to Kumbe. It has the best rounded out flavor you can find in a coffee - it's never bitter, luxurious tasting, and good whatever way you decide to drink it. I have a new favorite coffee, and this time I'm absolutely sure it's the best." 


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